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You Did It!

Your Free Galefire Short Stories Are on Their Way!

"Short stories are cool, but give me the book now!"

Galefire I : Fade Rippers ($0.99 on Amazon)

He'll go through Hell for her.

Lonnie works for a dangerous and vengeful gang who suppress his memories in a mental frost called icing. As he struggles to break free, he finds himself immersed in a world of monsters and magic where the unbelievable is possible. What is real and what is not? To get to the truth, Lonnie must use his newfound powers to shatter the cold and rekindle his love for the one who has been controlling him. Above all, he must survive.

Galefire is one very twisted story and takes its time unraveling, but it is ultimately satisfying and features a well-written final conflagration. Plus, there are monsters and fiends and atrocities...oh, my.

-Frank Errington, Book Reviewer (review)