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The Wrath Of the Untamed

Available soon in eBook format!

For the past thousand years, the forest-dwelling Arboreans have thrived in peace after they eliminated all war. They defend their cultural purity by dividing their citizenry by temperament. Those most patient and loving, called the balanced, are placed into positions of authority, while those referred to as untamed are simple laborers, tradesfolk, and border guards.

That is, until the ground cracks open and unleashes a darkness upon the land. 

A young untamed warrior, Kai, is sent on a dangerous mission by the Elders, one that can only be carried out by someone with the instincts to fight, and kill. 

With little experience, Kai must lead his band of ragtag warriors to the Rift and fight his way home again before everything, and everyone, he loves perishes in a hellish storm. 

A tale of swords & sorcery. Of brave warriors, men and woman alike, fighting without compromise. A story of love reborn, heroes redeemed, and wondrous, mechanical ships.

This is the Wrath of the Untamed.


I subsist on coffee and the lamentations of my characters. I'm primarily an Urban Fantasy author, but also write Epic Fantasy and Horror. Described as visceral and imaginative, my narrative style has been my life's work, my craft, for over 20 years.

Allow me to share my adventures with you. 

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